Trader’s Calculator: How to Use It to Improve Your Trading

A trading calculator is a practical tool. It will be useful not only for beginners but also for financial market professionals. With this tool, traders can calculate the parameters of transactions, choose the most effective strategy, and make the best decision at the moment preceding the opening of the transaction.

How to Use the Trader’s Calculator?

As practice shows, the use of the trader’s calculator will reduce the time spent on planning and optimizing a trade by 90%. To calculate the necessary parameters, we drive in the data on the currency pair, lot size, and leverage into the program. Don’t forget to specify the number of pips before the stop loss and take profit and the amount of funds available.

With the help of the program, you can make daily calculations and plan transactions more accurately. The calculator itself will perform all the necessary calculations, and you will find out the size of the possible profit and loss in the current or planned position.

Trader’s Tools

Pip Value Calculator

Both profits and losses in FX trade are calculated in points. To calculate this value, use this trader’s calculator:

·         Specify the currency, the volume of the deal in lots, and the quote of this pair at the moment.

·         Click the Calculate button and draw conclusions.

Risk Calculator

This program will allow you to select the volume of the transaction, determine what balance is required to open a transaction, the location of the stop order, and the percentage of risk. Select the item you would like to calculate, enter the data, and find out the result.

Trade settings

Thanks to this trader’s calculator, you will be able to calculate the margin, percentage of profit, or loss on the planned transaction. To find out the result, enter the leverage, trade direction, and open/close price. Specify the type of trading account and currency pair.

Benefits of the Trader’s Calculator

With the trader’s calculator, you can trade with the confidence of an experienced professional due to the following reasons:

  • The calculator is devoid of the human factor – it does not make mistakes. All calculations are carried out with mathematical precision.
  • You will be able to see and evaluate the result in one moment.
  • Just a minute and the result is on your screen – this moment is especially important when the account goes for seconds, and you need to make a decision to close or open a transaction immediately.
  •  You get an easy-to-manage but effective tool for working with market assets.

Is It Worth Using a Trader’s Calculator?

The answer to the question is unambiguous – yes. The trader’s calculator is easy to use, it is intuitive and has enough functionality to calculate the main indicators of trading at a distance. In addition, the tool is absolutely free. If you’re wondering what the drawback is – there isn’t one. This tool appeared as a help to the trader, so try it and see for yourself. Thanks to the trader’s calculator, you can get information and apply it in the future for your own profit.

Trader’s Calculator: How to Use It to Improve Your Trading

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